PME Veined Rose Leaf Plunger large – 3 set


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Create excellent rose leaves for your floral displays and celebration cakes with these specially designed plunger cutters.

3 piece set, can produce a small (25mm), medium (31mm) or large Rose Leaf (40mm) with an embossed veining pattern.
Plunger Cutters will easily cut, emboss and then eject the cut item from the tool. Made of plastic, height 2″
Roll out your paste, cut the rose leaf shape without pressing the plunger. Press down to emboss the veins, then lift from the board and use plunger to eject the cut shape. For a realistic leaf smooth the edges with the PME ball tool or Dogbone tool and dry over crumpled paper.  Full instructions included.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 6 x 86 x 256 mm


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