Your Personalised Cakes

Personalised Celebration Cakes – these are of course personal and usually picked up in person by the customer. Often a conversation or contact needs to take place first to make sure we make the cake you want. Delivery can be arranged but these cakes are not available by post or courier.

We can take orders from anywhere in the world as long as delivery is in mainland UK.

Please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page to see delivery costs.

Cake prices are shown for guide purposes only. Please see the Gallery for an idea.

All prices refer to round or square cakes.Prices include board, buttercream, white icing and a basic greeting (i.e. Happy Birthday Mum). Cakes come in a box or other suitable covering.


Size Sponge Madeira Fruit Cake
6 Inch £22 £28 £32
7 inch £25 £33 £35
8 Inch £29 £38 £40
9 Inch £33 £43 £45
10 Inch £40 £47 £55
11 Inch £48 £56 £60
12 Inch £53 £62 £70



Size Sponge Madeira Fruit Cake
6 Inch £25 £33 £35
7 inch £29 £38 £40
8 Inch £33 £43 £45
9 Inch £38 £47 £55
10 Inch £48 £56 £60
11 Inch £53 £62 £70
12 Inch £58 £70 £80


Shaped special cakes:

These are all individually priced but as a rough guide the “Chocolate Dog” would be £40

Christening cakes:

These are also very individual but as a basic guide a single tier 10 inch fully decorated sponge cake would cost around £45 and for 2 tier around £80

Wedding cakes:

These are so individual please just call me…..0787 080 6866


Ordering & Payment

Orders can be made by email by phone or by using The Order Form.  All orders will be followed up.

Please see the Contact Page to send an email.

We require a non-refundable deposit for all cakes usually between 30% and 50% depending on the value and/or type of cake being ordered.

We accept payment for deposit by Cash, by PayPal or by paying via bank transfer.

If you wish to pay using PayPal, there are two options:

– On the right use the top paypal link – we will give you the deposit option when we agree the cake design.  Simply select the option from the drop down box.  There is nothing stopping you making a deposit.

– Using the Checkout option on the right.


The balance is payable:

– on collection or

– by using the lower PayPal button (the one without the options). Enter the outstanding amount on the left of the PayPal page and press “update”. The box is for a message if you wish. Or

– Using the Checkout link on the right


You don’t need to join PayPal to make a payment, just enter your credit card details safely and securely.

We can now accept payment through Barclays Pingit, just send the money to our phone number 0787 080 6866


You may also pay the balance through a bank transfer, select the Checkout option on the right to do this.